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Pre-Register Your Builds and Get to the Ballroom Faster!

There are two ways to participate...the Contest and the Exhibition. All entries will sit together on the category tables differentiated only by their entry forms. A $20 Participant Fee will be charged at the door for an unlimited number of entries...contest and/or exhibition. However, if you wish to enter models in BOTH the contest and exhibition you will have to register twice.

NordicCon offers free online pre-registration. You can skip that annoying line. Last year more than half of our participants used pre-registration and waited, on average, only 30 seconds to get into the ballroom.  Those who chose not to pre-register waited in line for 5-7 minutes to register the day of the event. Both pre-registration and day-of registration will be available. The choice is or in line.

Please Note: No Participant Fees are collected when you pre-register. All fees are paid at the show door.

Pre-registration Opens August 9, 2024

The Contest

Contest Entries will be judged. Gold, Silver and/or Bronze will be awarded in each of 47 categories as well as special sponsored awards.

The Exhibition

Display your work for all to see without judgement. No medals will be awarded. This is for the simple joy of sharing your skills. 

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